Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Printable Christmas Decorations

Need more ideas for decorating your home this Christmas?  How about these great printables?
Aren't these great?

I think these are beautiful.  I feel like they are something I might see in a fancy store.

These are so lovely!  Who wouldn't want a few cute birdies in the tree?  You could use these for tags too!

You could put treats in these and hang them on the tree!  So much possibility!

I saw these once and wondered how they made them.  They look so stunning!  Now you can make them too!  Hang them from your ceiling!

Wow, this looks pretty amazing!  You could perch this little fellow on top of the presents.  It would be so cool!

Wow, this is must-make!  Put it under a little tree and you're set!  (Just don't squish it by accident with a present).

Put your candy into this sleigh pulled by a reindeer!

Make some cute and easy paper bows for your presents!

A gingerbread man!  Too cute!  Christmas is going to be so crafty this year!

And don't forget the lovely doves from my shop!

Or the Christmas tree shapes!

Happy decorating!

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