Tuesday, March 18, 2014

King Poggles

I am King Poggles.  I am supreme rule of the lower realm, the one on the floor in the living room.
 My job is a difficult one.  I have to eat all the food in my bowl every day and make sure the water bowl is drunk up.  Each night, I train for future glorious battles by running on my wheel.
 It's not easy being a great hedgehog king.
I have a Queen Mother that loves me and takes care of me.
 Well, at least she says she loves me.
 But she makes me take baths. 
Even though she knows I hate baths.
What's the point of being a king if you can't say no to baths?
 She says I can't eat too much junk food too. 
 I thought being a king was all about eating an endless supply of junk food.
 Mealworms, cheese, Ensure, random weird stinky stuff... more cheese...
 I should be allowed to eat EVERYTHING!
... and not take baths.

Have a happy week!

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