Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Hedgehog Ornaments and a Mole In Progress

Tomorrow will be the last day of my preceptorship.  The thank-you cards are written, I've had a nice few days of break, and it's time to work one last very busy day.  I didn't really know what to do with myself, so I did a little painting.  
I used white Sculpey to make a number of little hedgehogs and other things a while back (maybe two years ago?).  It seemed like a good time to paint them.
 Watercolour paint doesn't seem to adhere well to the Sculpey surface, but mixing it with white acrylic paint for the first coat seemed to help. 
 They have a dark brown coat first all over, then I use a moist brush to remove most of the paint from the face, legs, and underside.  It leaves a pale brown area.  Then I added a thicker reddish brown layer to the quills.
For the face, I gave it a lighter yellowish brown layer, then added a wide small brown nose and dot eyes.  Then I gave them a light pink blush to the cheeks, top of the nose, and feet.
Oh, and I made a mole too.

All of them are very small.  That little cup of water is a bottle cap.  I'll post more pictures when they are done.  I might put a glossy outdoor coating on when they are dry.

Have a great week!

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