Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pumpkins and Acorns In Progress

It was the last day of my preceptorship today and it was a very good day.  Somehow, everything went smoothly.  In the morning the night shift nurses wished me good luck and congratulations on being done my nursing program soon, and at the end of the day the nurses on my shift gave me hugs and well wishes too.  In between, the patients seemed to be in a good mood too.  The ones that overheard that it was my last day had wonderful things and good wishes for me too.  It was fantastic.
 I went home and settled into a dream-like state.  "Wow, I thought.  I'm finally done."

I washed my uniform and settled down at my desk.  It was time to paint again.
 Soon my desk was covered with little orange gourds.
 They are not done in the least, but they look fun.
My fingertips turned orange as they got stained from turning the pumpkins around.  Good thing the paints are water soluble and wash off easily.
 The little ornaments that got painted the most were two acorns.
 I think I got a bit carried away.
 I managed to take advantage of the streaking look to create the acorn nuts.  The caps got royal treatment too and turned out nicely.  They look very textured.
I am quite happy with these two acorns.  I can't wait to give them a clear coat once they are dried.

Happy creating!

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