Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poogy The Cheese-Loving Tee-Pee Friend

Poggy looked cute today sitting in his nest so I thought I would show you some pictures. 
 I left him a pile of "cookies" to eat at the front.  Those are not poops  :)
 He was a little wary of me taking pics of him, but I was offering him bits of cheese so I he couldn't refuse.
 See his cute little face asking for cheese?
More cheese?
 When the cheese supply began to dwindle, he settled down for a nap.
Here's Poggy sipping some Vanilla Ensure.  He really likes that stuff, but I only give him a little once in a while for vitamins.
Well, that's all of my little tee-pee friend for now.  I'm back to writing my paper!

Have a great day!

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