Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Goldfish Day Three

The baby goldfish are three days old now.  
You can pretty clearly see what I meant yesterday about the little air bubble in their midsection that helps them float.  Notice also that their eyes don't look as big now compared to their body since the body is gaining some girth.
  See the little air bubble in the middle?
 More of the babies are swimming about now and you can see that many of them are now horizontal instead of vertical.
 Sometimes they are not used to the air bubble and they will slowly float to the top like a bubble instead of swimming.
 Many of them still dart about with their heads upright.
 See how small they still are compared to a measly bubble on the surface of the water?
 I expect that there will be even more swimmers by this evening.  

 I have not noticed any babies in the other two aquariums with the guppies or goldfish parents.  I have a feeling they have all been eaten, but I will likely find out soon once all of the babies are mobile and swimming faster, more purposefully around.
I fed the babies some of the green infusoria water today.  I don't know if it actually makes a difference since all the organisms are so microscopic that it just looks like cloudy green water.  Also, the baby goldfish tank has lots of gravel and plants that should be creating the same kind of aquatic life as my infusoria jar.

Have a happy day!

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