Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Goldfish Day Two

The baby goldfishes are two days old now. 
About 8 of them are now darting about the tank.
They seem to have sucked up some air from the surface and now have a tiny air bubble in their midsection.  I think it is the swim bladder.
These mobile babies tend to dart to the surface and sort of bob up and down as though they are picking at something on the surface.
You can see two babies swimming about in this picture.  
Most of the time, they do not swim horizontal.  They are still often vertical with their heads facing the surface of the water.
You can see one baby attached to the side of the glass.  They seem to rest in this way.  You can see how the air bubble kind of makes the body want to be horizontal now.  
This baby is quite vertical.  I feel like their body shapes are changing.  They are less like a stick with a yolk sac in the middle.
Some of them hang off of the plants.
The rest of the babies are all spread out on the floor. 
 They are a bit more alert than yesterday and dart about along the ground.
 Some of them look a bit awkward.  Some attempt to swim, but don't get very far before sinking slowly back down to the bottom head first.  Some of them attempt to swim near the current from the filter and they get tossed about before making a sad sink back to the bottom. 
 I think these bottom dwellers will be swimmers tomorrow.  For today they are still working on it.  Some of the eggs that did not hatch at first hatched the day after.  So some of these babies are only 1 day old.
This is Pa Chow Cho (Shy Grass).  I looked up at the big tank and he was glued to the glass like this.  Odd fellow...

Have a happy day!


Oxana said...

Mmmm, young sushi! :-P said...

Lol, they're so small you could inhale one and never realize it.