Monday, May 12, 2014

Poggy is Better

Poggy went to the vet on the weekend and he got the A-Okay from the vet.  Yay!
The vet says the tongue is healing well and it was not cancer-related.  I'm supposed to keep giving him the chlorhexidine mouthwash for 4 more days and then I can stop giving it.  He can also resume regular cat food.
 Poggy also gained weight!  The vet was sure he would lose weight from his liquid diet, but the vet was surprised to find that Poggles had gained 36 grams.  He went from 304 grams to 340 grams.  The vet says that this is a good new weight for Poggles and that I should aim to keep him around this weight.
So since he loves the baby food and cooked egg yolk mixed with water, I will continue to give it to him along with his regular kibble.  I mixed his kibble with the baby food last night so that it would soften and Poggles ate about half of the kibbles.   I tried to give him one dried kibble, but I noticed that he takes a very long time to eat just one.  Sort of messes it around his mouth over and over and spitting it out and eating it again.  Doesn't seem right.
 Today he is very tired.  He has started wheeling at night again.  Maybe he felt that he needed to work out after I told him that he gained weight (actually I called him a fatso... and then fed him some croissant).  He looks super cute with the extra weight.  When you look down from top view, he actually has some roundness instead of being sucked in on the sides.  Sucked in on the sides means he is malnourished.  And when I pick him up, he has some weight to him instead of being light.  It is very nice.
On the flipside, he was so heavy that he tipped over his food bowl when he put his paws on the ledge of the bowl.  I had to right it for him and clean up the mess.  Poor fellow.

I am very happy that Poggy is okay now.

Have a happy week!

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Hihi! It's Irene; just came across this and wondered if you've ever had Mr. Poggles do this: