Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baby Goldfish 2 Months Old - Changing Colours

The goldfish babies from the first batch of eggs are now about two months old.  As you can see, they are starting to change colours.
Both of them were this muddy brownish grey-green colour at first.
But now one of them seems to be losing the brown coloration and patches of a yellow orange are starting to show up.
You can see how they look different from each other now.  The brown coloured one actually is a bit darker now than it used to be.  I'm not sure if that colour will become even darker, or become lighter so that it becomes white.
You see how the dark colouration shows a lot of silver/white when the light hits it.
Meanwhile, there are about 3 babies still left from the second batch of eggs.  I guess they were the fastest swimming babies and are the best at hiding?  They have remained uneaten by the larger baby goldfish, and the larger babies seem to have lost interest in trying to eat them.
This is surprising as the second batch babies are certainly still small enough to fit into the mouth of the larger baby.  See how much bigger the older ones are?  I have since put a lot more greenery into the tank so that the babies have lots of places to hide.  I think that helps.  Also, the goldfish are fed food that is denser than before so they might be less hungry as well.
The babies are now big enough to be fed crushed flake food and guppy pellet food.  They have learned that we are the ones that bring them food, so they swim frantically in front of us when we are standing in front of the tank. 
 This makes it much easier to take pictures of these lovely little fish.  It is still a marvel to me that these fish were hatched from eggs produced by my adult goldfish.  I feel like I sprouted them from seeds and the seeds magically grew fish instead of plants.  It's pretty cool.

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