Thursday, May 21, 2015

Apron Tutorials I Want to Try One Day

I saw some super cute aprons on my trip to Victoria.  I probably should have just bought the cute apron, but of course I decided I might want to make my own one day instead... maybe with hedgehogs on it  :D

Here are some tutorials that might work well.  I'll let you know how the apron turns out once I make it.
Ruffles and Buttons Apron by Flamingo Toes - I like the three layers of ruffles, but I think they stick out too much.  I think it would be better if each ruffly layer was free falling instead of attached to one backing.  Also, the bodice is a bit too complicated for me.  Overall good shape though, and okay length.

DIY Hostess Apron - it looks pretty good like this, right?  I wonder what it looks like on?  I like that this apron has pockets for things.

Garden Apron Tutorial - I usually just garden in my pajamas (much to my mother's disappointment and horror).  I wonder if she would approve more if I wore this handy gardening apron?  Hm?  :P  Knowing me, I'd probably stab myself with the shovel while kneeling down. 

Gathered Apron Tutorial - I'm a bit mesmerized by the little brown cows all over this fabric.  Rather cute!

Christmas Apron Pattern - this looks like something that could double as some kind of lingerie get up.  Maybe because she's wearing red heels in the kitchen.  I dunno, the apron is actually pretty nice.

Remember Provence Apron - simple, yet beautiful.  I like the rounded edges in the back and the abundance of gathers in front.

Harry Potter Apron - Um, hell yeah!  This apron is awesome!  I would need that tie sewn down though... fire hazard.

Vintage Style Frilly Apron - cute!

DIY Wipe Down Aprons - This one is for little girls, but it's exactly the length I want it to end on me.  Also, it has pockets.

The Hostess Apron - I don't like this gauzy ribbon they have up top or the excessively pale girly prints, but I like the three gathered layers, the length, and the sweetheart neckline.  I would do this with some brighter colours and a little bit of contrast for the straps.

Flirty Perfect Fit Apron - I like how this apron looks on the bum.  It is definitely flirty, which is good!  I would opt for some other kind of pocket shape though.  Maybe 1-2 large U-shaped pockets with gathers at the top and a band.  Could be fantastic!

Well, I think that's enough inspiration to get me started.  Now to start choosing my fabrics!  :D

Have a great day and happy sewing!

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