Monday, June 15, 2015

Habits of Financially Successful People

I came across this article about rich vs poor habits and found it very interesting.  Some points that I gleaned were that I should watch less TV or spend less time on the Internet (use my time more productively), read more (learn continuously), don't play the lottery (recognize that making money is not magical and does not depend on luck), and keep in touch with people more (network throughout my life as part of my lifestyle/habits). 
I also liked the point about teaching children to make To Do lists and to aim to have those lists 70% complete each day.  I like To Do lists and tend to be more productive when I have them to look at everytime I get bored or run out of things to do.  Daily To Do lists that have to be 70% complete each day is a new thing.  I decided to give it a try and, voila!, it is pretty cool. 
Not only did a get a whole lot more in one day than I usually do, I felt pushed to do more than I usually do because I have a 70% completion goal for each day.  I found that I could not meet this easily, so I might have to fill the daily To Do lists with more tasks that can be done in one day.  Perhaps I could make a separate To Do list with items that can be completed in a longer time frame? 
Anyways, it's something to think about.  The weather is really turning pleasant and the garden here looks fantastic.  I included some pictures so you can see what's been inspiring me lately. 
I can't get over how cool it is that this hydrangea bush is a whole kaleidoscope of colours!  It's so pretty! 
I popped into Home Depot today and picked up some pink begonias too.  I wonder what that financial guy would think of spending time on gardening.  Life's not just about making money though; you have to live and enjoy it too!  

If you're looking for some inspirational literature on habits of successful people, here are a few popular ones.
Have a great week!

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