Thursday, June 4, 2015

Frilly Hedgehog Pincushion - Tutorial

Some corsage pins I ordered arrived, but they came in a flimsy ziplock bag.  For safety reasons, ahem, I had to make a new pincushion... with ruffles. 
I had previously sewed some swatches of fabric and backed them with cotton batting for another project, but it didn't work out so I had this quilted material just lying around in my scrap bin.  This little project was a good opportunity to use up this fabric.

If you want to make something similar, this is how I made this:

Cotton batting
Polyfil Stuffing
Sewing machine + hand sewing
Lots of double sided ribbon (Each row is about three times around the pouf)
Peanut butter jar lid (or other similar lid)
Other lid about 2-3 times as big as the peanut butter jar lid

Instructions (Sorry!  No photo steps in this tutorial!)
(Note: this assumes that the fabric is already backed with batting.)
1. Cut one circle about 1 inch bigger all around than the peanut butter jar lid
2. Cut strip of fabric long enough to wrap around the outside of the lid plus about 1 inch all around
3. Cut large circle about 2-3 times the size of the base (bigger circle makes bigger mushroom top)
4. Cut 3 strips of ribbon that are long enough to wrap at least three times around the outside of the dome.  These are for 3 layers of ruffles.
Dome Top
5. Create running stitch around the entire perimeter of the dome top circle.  Pull to create a draw string that closes the circle into a pouch.  Stuff pouch very full with stuffing.  Pull string tight and secure in place (knots).  You should have a puffy ball.
6. With sewing machine, carefully sew the long strip of fabric around the base circle (wrong sides facing out, right sides facing each other.  When you turn it the right side out, you should have a cup that the peanut butter lid can fit into.
7. Sew running stitch around top perimeter of the cup and pull tight so that the edges pull in to the middle.  Stuff full with batting or fabric scraps.  Secure thread in place (knots).
8. Sew (hand-stitch) the end of one strip of ribbon to the side of the dome top.  
9. Create two stitches of a very loose running stitch.  
10. Push ribbon down the thread to create first ruffle.  
11. Sew ruffle down to side of dome. 
12.  Keep creating ruffles and sewing them down around the entire side of the dome until a full circle is created.  Adjust how tight you want your ruffles as you go and keep an eye on how much ribbon you have left to ensure that you have enough to go around the entire circle.
13. Create two more circles of ruffles.  You should have one ruffle about half way down the side of the dome, one at the bottom edge of the dome, and one ruffle layer in between those.
Put it All Together
14. Center the base in the middle of the bottom of the dome.
15. Use a ladder stitch to join the top and bottom (hand-stitched).  I sewed the bottom to the last ruffle layer as that was easiest.
16. You are done!  Enjoy your new ruffly pincushion! 
I had a lot of scrap fabric and fleece so I stuffed my pincushion with that instead.  The downside is that scrap fabric is very dense and harder to stick thicker needles (ex. corsage pins) easily into.  You may wish to use batting in the top and fabric scraps only in the base so that you can more easily push needles in.  Smaller pins and needles will have no problem pushing into fabric scrap.

Have a great week!

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