Sunday, January 21, 2007

Student Resources for Life

I spent all weekend searching for useful links for the Student Resources section of Mytutorlist. It's a lot of work! Hopefully, all my searching was not futile, and the resources now listed will be useful to the students that frequent Mytutorlist.

Having gone through the struggle of being a student and having somewhat broken free of the never-ending search for the perfect career, I know how hard it can be to be a student looking forward into the unknown of post-secondary school and job-searching. The stress is unbelievable, and there is so much pressure to succeed and to live up to the expectations of your family and friends. You constantly wonder if you'll ever be done of exams, and you can't wait to figure out what to do with your life so that you can move on and get out of school.

But, fear not, the future arrives so much quicker than you expect and, in the blink of an eye, you'll be working in a chosen career and looking backwards wondering why you didn't "do more" while you were in school and "having fun".

So, dear Students, listen to your wisdom-aged parents and those well-meaning elderly folks, take your schooling seriously and make the most of it. What does that that mean? Well, it means studying hard so that you stay caught up in class and rock the exams, but it also means enjoying the experiences that post-secondary life offers you. Go ahead and join some clubs, talk to people on campus and make new friends, volunteer and learn new things, and take advantage of your student discounts! (You will sorely miss those student discounts later...) If your school has a co-op program, take it. Co-op offers you a chance to try out real careers so that you can see if it's the right (or wrong) one for you. It also gives you a chance to work for companies that might otherwise be difficult to get in to, and you'll have the opportunity to meet people inside those companies that could help you land your career job after graduation. A lot of students bemoan the time that they'll waste by taking co-op, but the valuable experiences and opportunities you gain from co-op are well-worth the time.

I hope that the resources I have listed on will be valuable to you. If there are any resources that you would like to see listed that are not currently available, please let us know.


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