Monday, February 4, 2008

How to run a successful Etsy shop

I came across a great little article by greenbean baby art today on how to run a successful Etsy shop. While I don't have an Etsy shop of my own, I regularly peruse the shops there and I would agree with her suggestions. I definitely think that those who blog or have flicker accounts tend to have more traffic to their Etsy shops and thus sell more. It's definitely also a good idea to have pre-advertised sales and store updates. I personally read the blog announcements and follow the announcements all the way up to the store update. Then I actually peek inside the store after the update to see what was put there. I think it's a matter of curiosity that I always check what was added.

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greenbeanbaby said...

thank you for including this link on your blog!!! it is VERY APPRECIATED!!! in time, my own etsy shop will be revamped but in the meantime, artwork has been worked on like crazy! :)

thx again!!!!!! you are so swell!