Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter Egg Bouquet Craft Tutorial

As a follow-up to the Easter Surprise Eggs Tutorial, here's a festive way to display your Easter Eggs. You can also create this as a centerpiece for the Easter holiday.

Glass vase
33 Easter Surprise Eggs (or however many needed to fill your vase)
Colourful plastic raffia
Two decorative flower pokes

1. Put a big handful of plastic raffia into the bottom of your glass vase to form nice nesting material for your eggs.
2. Add one third of your eggs.
3. Layer a handful of plastic raffia on top.
4. Add half of the remaining eggs.
5. Layer a handful of plastic raffia on top.
6. Add the remaining eggs.
7. Stick the flower pokes into your vase and, voila! You have a wonderful, festive Easter Egg Bouquet.

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