Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Treats

I put together a little plate of Easter goodness today. Five green tea sticky rice balls with red bean filling on red paper cups arranged on a bed of bright plastic raffia. I added some little chicks, some foil eggs, and a little sign for extra Easter cheer.

My family was quite delighted by it and I expect that the yummy treats will soon be all but a memory :)

Happy Easter!


Sweetwater Designs said...

I've never tasted anything like this..they must be a sweet treat? looks like icing sugar on the outside. They do look easter-y! said...

Yes, these are a sweet treat. If you've ever tried green tea ice-cream, it tastes like that on the outside. Inside is a sweet red bean paste.

My friend ate one today and he oddly described it as tasting like the inside of a slightly burnt, candle-lit pumpkin. It's a very strange comparison, but he did like it. :P

Chickenbells said...

The gold chickie is soo very cute!!