Sunday, May 24, 2009

Impatien Propagation - Two Weeks Later

It's two weeks later for the little impatien cuttings too. Do you want to see how they are doing? Well, here are some happy pics :)
Based on the sorry condition of a few side leaves, this impatien stem cutting is from the original batch that was placed into a plastic bag (which you should not do!) It has one very long root!
This delightful cutting has very nice leaves so it was part of a batch that was planted a little later. It has a good collection of little rootlets growing out, and some flowers have developed at the top. I would normally pinch back any flowers on a cutting, but since there are already a good deal of rootlets to support the cutting with water, I think it will be okay. If you are wary, you can pinch back the biggest blooms so that the plantlet can focus on the roots more before the younger blooms open up.
This cutting only has a few roots, but they will develop readily over the next few weeks. I am confident it will do just fine.

I have moved any cuttings with root growth to a bright but shady location in my garden where they can continue their development without too much drying sun. I have watered them well and expect them to survive without any problems.

Propagating new impatiens was very easy, huh? In two weeks, I have already found cuttings with developing roots. Some of the cuttings, however, have not developed roots yet. I have repotted them and will check on them again in another 2 weeks time as they can take up to 4 weeks to put down roots.

Impatien Propagation - Week Three

Happy Gardening!

How To Propagate Plants


Almost Precious said...

I've not tried to propagate impatiens from cuttings, didn't know that you could. Very interesting and yes you do make it look easy.

Bekah Jones said...

Propagating cuttings is so much fun! I used to be a little addicted to it, but I'm in an apartment (no yard or balcony, alas), and it got difficult really fast. Good luck with yours!

renaye said...

ah! envious!!!

my plant recently just died because the weather here is too hot and it cannot tolerate... T.T

found ur url on etsy. :)

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Too cool! Rooty toot toot! said...

Propagating impatiens IS easy! You just need to keep the cuttings well watered in containers with good drainage, and don't put them into drying sunlight for the first while until they drop down roots.

I can see why it can get addicting, Bekah. I think I've caught that bug already!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments, renaye and Sycamore Moon Studios. I hope to see you back again!

Lucky Pebble said...

This is pretty cool. Hope to see pictures that follow. ;)

Chickenbells said...

I have enjoyed seeing all the baby roots so much! I forget you can propagate so "easily"

cabin + cub said...

oooh, you make it look very easy.
i am still a beginner gardener!