Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day At The Fair And Soccer Pitch

In addition to meeting up with old friends, I have been eating good food and hanging out with my awesome cousin from out of town. Here are some pics:
This is the yummy pulled pork sandwich I had at the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). It was affordably priced for fair food, and quite filling! Mmmmm!My sweetie brought me a cherry margarita with an umbrella. He knows I like those umbrellas.
Yes, and then I ate this hen and her chicks... alive. No, no, just kidding! These cuties were hanging out in the barn area. I found them too irresistable to not photograph. Ah, I love animal babies.

I did eat a half chicken roasting on an open charcoal pit though. They have that at the fair every year and it's soooooo goooood! That chicken is totally overpriced, but it's a tradition. (And traditions must be obeyed when they smell so good!).
Later on that night, we went to a soccer game. I was trying to snap a picture of the pitch when the mascot noticed the camera-happy fans around me, and began to strike sexy poses for us. It was very amusing.I like the way the soccer pitch looks when it's partially lit by artificial light and twilight. It's nice.

So here I am back at square one in the job arena, but advancing quickly in the living life section. The anxiety of not having a job anymore is catching up, I'll admit. I don't really know what to do with myself regarding that. However, I am valuing the opportunity I have to take a breather and catch up with all the friends and life experiences that I've been missing out on.

I hope you have a good day!

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