Monday, October 5, 2009

First Batch Of Robots Are In The Shop

The first batch of Robots are in the shop now. Hurry over so you can snap up the one you like best. They are only $10 for a hand-drawn original, since I am testing out this product. So don't miss out.There's Zen Bot, the epitomy of peace and tranquility.
Nurture Bot, the caring, sweet motherly type.
Stress Bot, the one that's always freaking out and worrying.
And Control Bot, the calm methodical worker that analyzes problems and fixes them.

More bots are on the way!


Alicia Istanbul said...

Those are great. I've never seen anything like them before :)

Christina said...

Absolutely loving the robots!

José said...


The second one reminds me one from a old movie from the 70's, but can't remember its name.
There was even a board game (I guess that's how you call it in english).
If I'm not wrong, one of the robots was called Maximillian or Maximian ( no it wasn't Maxine :-) ).
Also reminds me of the movie "Lost in Space"

Best regards,

José said...

Hi Jose:

Oh cool! I'll go look up robot Maximillian and see what I find. I'm curious now :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Have a great day!