Monday, October 5, 2009

Sneak Peek At The Robots

I finished up the first three paper robot jointed dolls, and decided to take some pics. Unfortunately, we had a situation.Stress bot got really agitated about photo taking. He wanted his pose just right for the picture. He tried to look intimidating with one arm up and one arm out.
He tried a jumping pose because he thought that would look cool, which it did, but it was hard on his knees. And after that, he was just a wreck because he couldn't find the perfect pose, and nothing was going right, and people were going to laugh at him, and what if they thought he was funny looking, and...
Control bot thought it would be best if Stress bot just calmed down. He picked Stress bot up and waved him gently like a leaf on a tree, and Nuture bot sang lullabies to him. Stress bot thought it was very nice of them, but then he worried people would think he was weak. He was glad when the photo shoot was over so he could worry about something else.
Coming next? Zen bot, Vintage bot, Garden bot, and Glee bot! Stay posted!

Have a great day!

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