Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sea Babe Jewelry Giveaway WINNER

I think out of all the giveaways so far, the Sea Babe Jewelry has been the most popular. Thank you to everyone that entered! However, there can only be one winner. Who will it be?

I think we're all anxious to find out!
Yes, this lovely Infinity Ring will soon belong to someone very special. So here we go... (drum roll, please!)

The lucky winner of the Sea Babe Jewelry Giveaway is...
... Sarah Lynn! Congratulations, Sarah! Sarah is a fan of the Mother Of All Pearl earring and ring set. With amazing colour like that, it's no wonder she thinks they're drool-worthy! I love the wire work around the ring.
Sad that you didn't win? I know, it sucks. I hate to lose too. You know what? I think it's shopping therapy time :) Did you know that Sea Babe Jewelry is actually really nice in real life?

Kristin and David sent me an Infinity Ring custom-made for me, and I love it. Let me show you just how awesome Sea Babe Jewelry is.
First of all, your package will arrive in a "Rugged Mailer". It's the first time that I have seen such a mailer, but it really is sturdy and it comes with a nifty red strip to open the package easily! I liked that.
Inside the mailer was a nice charcoal grey/black box. When you open it, you can see that Kristin and David put care into their packaging and presentation. They care about their work.

The box is stamped with "Made in Hawaii" so that you know that it's from an exotic and fabulous location. And there's a little silver organza bag waiting for you to open.
How's that for tender loving care? The ring was inside of a little plastic ziplock bag inside of the organza bag. It even comes with a little shell friend. I found that very sweet. It all sits on top of a soft bed of batting, and there's a thank you note from Kristin and David.

Ah, I love it when sellers take care to present their work nicely. It makes the experience so positive and you know that the item is ready for gift giving.

I didn't give this ring away though. Oh no. I put it on right away and I refused to take it off!
I can tell you that it's honestly very pretty, unique, and wearable. It's something you can show your friends and talk about. "This was made in Hawaii!"
Sea Babe Jewelry is a store I would definitely purchase from, and one that I can feel good about recommending to you. I'll be introducing a few other stores that I would recommend to you later on. I've had a lot of good and bad experiences with sellers on Etsy, so I like to tell others when I find a good one.

Sea Babe Jewelry is a good one. Go shopping!Have a great day.


Sarah said...

Yay! I'm so excited that I won!

I can't wait to wear the Infinity ring, thank you!

pam said...

I really HAVE TO HAVE the infinity ring!!! I love it. It is unique and so me!!! :)