Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Tags in the Shop! Blue Birthday Cakes, Ninjas, and Pears!

More tags are in the shop, and they're cuter than ever! My best friend is a blue gal, so I had to make some more birthday cake tags in blue. And ninja tags!

Ninjas are everywhere, but you'll never see one... until just before you die! And even then, you might just feel a breeze and a notice a blur of black. That's how awesome they are! How awesome is it then to have ninjas deliver your birthday cake!?! Oh wait, I just said you wouldn't see them until just before you die... well, this is an exception, so don't miss out.
Finally, pears. I don't know why I love pears so much, but I do. They have a nice shape, nice colours, and they taste good. I personally prefer the crisper pears for eating over the mushy ones. How about you?

All of these new tags are waiting for you in the shop.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I really like the cake tags! Very cute! said...

Thanks, 365artchallenge! I'm so glad! I think they'll come in really useful for labeling presents and making them look more festive.