Monday, January 3, 2011

Almost Back To School

Well, it's finally the last day of my Christmas vacation. This break has been heavenly. Sleeping in, getting enough sleep, eating out with friends, chatting with family, lazing around, watching movies, making pouches... it's such a nice change!

Tomorrow, however, it's back to school I go! I spent last night shuffling through all the papers the teachers posted on what needs to be done in preparation, and there is SO MUCH TO REVIEW! Oh dear! I'm starting to regret just a twinge that I didn't start doing this earlier.

Alas, it's too late to feel regret as there is no time for that :)

The good news is that I did a little bit of working out yesterday. That felt pretty good. I put on my work out clothes and did a half hour work out in my room to some high beat music on Winamp. I stretched out my back, heard it make some cracking noises like something that hasn't been used in years (oops!), and I actually LIKED the feeling of being active again. So, if I can keep that up, I'll be in good shape to handle the stress of the coming months.

We're supposed to learn injections by the end of this coming semester. I feel excited, but also a little nauseous over that. I also start at the local hospital this term in two weeks. I wasn't assigned to the hospital closest to me, so it will be a little farther of a trip to get to clinical, but I'm assigned with a pretty nice teacher. Hopefully everything will work out fine.

Last term I finished with straight A-'s. I wonder if that's achievable for this semester. I've never been an A-range student in anything except art, so it's pretty amazing that I managed to scrape by with anything A-related at all. I still look at the grades like they're joking but, hey, I'm not complaining!

I've heard of something at my college called the Golden Cord. You get that if you're in the top 10% of your graduating class. I think it would be pretty awesome if I could get that one day. I don't think that I'm in the top 10% right now, but maybe if I work really hard I could get it. What I'd REALLY like to do one day is to wear the "bubble hat" that people with PhD's get to wear when they graduate, but that's really, really out of my reach.

Anyways, dreaming aside, I'm looking forward to Semester Two of nursing school. Semester One flew by pretty fast, and I expect that I'll feel the same by the end of this coming semester.

Did you realize that you've already lived through 3 days out of 365.4 days this year. We only have 362.4 days left before it's 2012. Weeeeeiiiiiirrrrd!

In the past three days, I've lost grip on a plate of chicken and accidentally smashed the meat into the refrigerator, leaving the greasy pieces scattered all over the kitchen floor and smeared all down the front of the refrigerator door. I've somehow destroyed the microwave - I saw something like lightning come out of the bottom while I was nuking butter, and a loud sound like electricity from a movie. Then there was a nasty burnt smell, and the microwave stopped working... forever. And the morning after this, I coincidentally filled a cup with hot water and wet my sweater and pants because it happened to have a large crack in it and I didn't notice until too late.

This is making out to be a VERY exciting new year.

How's your new year starting out?
My Nursing School Diary


Melody said...

I couldn't help but laugh at your clumsy moments (they sound like me!) but I hope the rest of your year is smoother :) said...

Hi Melody,

Perhaps I got most of the clumsy moments out of the way ahead of time so that I'll have less of them in the rest of the year? I'm hopeful!

I hope your year goes smoothly too!


Ara said...

That's a cool one to start off the year. Well, I know many great moments will happen eventually in your life. So keep on enjoying. My new year is all good. Even if there are still difficulties, I just accept it and consider it as a way to make me better. I'm also starting the year with eco-friendly products. Good health, and good for environment. =)