Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paper Butterfly Bonanza

Prepare for butterfly overload. While I've been recovering from final exams, I've been cutting paper butterflies.
I now carry blue, green, and yellow paper butterflies in the shop.
Paper butterflies in green shades that look so pretty! I am loving these fresh green colours!
Peach shades that make you feel mellow and good...
These green paper butterflies are 2.5 inch cards that open up to 5 inch wide butterflies. They are perfect for your creative ideas! You can make tags, mini cards, decorate your home and party, scrapbook, and many other ideas.
For instance, you can make mini birthday ninja cards! I do love my ninjas :)
And my life wouldn't be complete without a set of these in those lovely green colours :)

All of these paper butterflies are happily waiting for you in my shop. Hop on over to enjoy some paper butterfly loveliness.