Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Weeks of Second Semester Of Nursing School

Hairy Last Weeks

I've been missing in action for the last few weeks because things got a bit hairy as I was preparing for final exams. For one thing, my clinical review was coming up, and I was terrified that I was going to fail clinical.

One of my classmates got the boot that particular week and she was so angry. It was soooo close to the end of the semester, but the teacher didn't feel that she was ready for the next semester so she failed the poor student. I began to have day-mares about having the same thing happen to me. I pictured it so clearly in my head!

Clinical Power

Meanwhile, in clinical itself, I rallied to put myself together and to put on a brave face. I worked so hard to improve in all of the areas that my teacher had criticized me on.

I studied my assessments so that I was able to complete them quickly and thoroughly; I studied how to write good charts so that I could show the teacher as perfect a written chart as possible each day; and I did my best to spend more time in the nursing station area where my teacher could find me (I like to spend most of my time talking with the patients and helping other patients when I'm done with caring for my own patient, but the teacher likes to be able to find me and to check in on my progress). On top of that, I came well-prepared for every clinical, studied my medications meticulously, and focused on being a stellar student and stellar nurse.

It paid off.
Rockin' Finish

My teacher had no choice but to agree that I had made a significant improvement. She could see that I was working super hard and she felt that, if I continued to work this hard, I would have no problems next semester. In fact, she said that I would probably really enjoy the next semester since half of it will be in maternity. She even said that, if I could learn to balance my time between the nursing station and spending time with clients, I'd turn out to be an excellent nurse. She admitted that it was actually a good thing that I was spending so much time with the clients, but that I simply needed to balance that between other tasks like charting and taking breaks.

So, that concludes my first clinical experience! I struggled like crazy to fit the role that my teacher wanted me to fill, but I had SUCH a good experience with the patients! They were my life line. When I felt like I was a terrible nurse because my teacher was questioning whether nursing was a good fit for me, the patients were telling me that I was going to be a great nurse and that they looked forward to having me care for them again. They smiled at me, held my hand, and one even told me that she loved me!

Good Memories

I'll always hold dear being called an Angel of Mercy, and I'll always laugh over the fellow that asked me why I was being so nice to him. It has been a good, good experience.

I got to give medications for the first time, check glucose for the first time, give a needle for the first time, and witness the ravages of chemotherapy for the first time.

So many good firsts, and yet it was so, so hard as well! I passed though, thank God. What an uphill battle.


As for the rest of my classes, the grades are out. I didn't manage to get straight A-'s this semester, but I did get 2 B+'s, mastery for clinical, and A- in second level of Human Anatomy and Physiology. It's not bad. I'll try to see if I can pull those B+'s up for next term.

It's a funny feeling now though. We're off for the summer until September! What should I do with all this time off?

... you'll be hearing a lot from me over the next while?

My Nursing School Diary

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