Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Bunny Hunt Idea

My sweetheart is quite the creative genius and he stashed these little fellas all around my room for me for Easter. They are goofy-looking rabbit drawings with speech bubbles that say, "Can you find my other friends?" Each rabbit has a package of Cadbury chocolate bunnies attached at the base so that they can stand up.
The first rabbit that I found was on top of my shelf tucked behind Unloved. I've pulled him out to the front so that you can see him :)
The second one was stashed here on another shelf trying to blend in with my collection of various knick knacks.
The third was under my bed. He was in the shadows so I didn't see him until I looked carefully.
The fourth was in this tube of white paper behind my door. I would *never* have thought to look here so I needed help to find this guy. My sweetie actually rolled him up a little so that he could be dropped down into the tube. "Rabbits like holes," he gave me as a hint, and I really didn't get it until he closed the door so I could spy the tube.

What great fun! Thanks, hunny!

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