Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gum Graft Experience - One Week Later

It has been one week since my gum graft and I no longer need to take Tylenol or ice the site. I can eat normal foods on the unaffected side, but I still drink Boost, Ensure, or soup whenever I can.

I wear my retainers all day long, and clean them in the morning and evening when I do my brushing and flossing. I don't mind wearing my retainers, but I do get annoyed at the Periogard mouthwash since it requires two hours of no eating or drinking. That's a long time to wait in the morning before having breakfast. I think it would be smart to eat before brushing for the mornings.
I took a picture of the gum graft site this morning and I'm a little bit puzzled at the pink part in the front. There used to be white donor gums there and now it appears to have fallen off. It looks healthy underneath, but I'm hoping that some of that pink gums is new donor tissue. Otherwise, the gum graft didn't take on that spot, which would suck.

I noticed that the stitches are starting to dissolve. When I was rinsing last night, a bit of the stitches rinsed out. I hope that's okay.

The roof of my mouth is healing nicely. You can see how the edges are lighter coloured as the tissue grows back from the edges towards the center. I suspect the tissue is healing from underneath that site too since the wound is getting slightly lighter coloured.

I saw pictures of gum graft donor sites on the Internet and the donor site looked completely healed in two weeks so this should be the halfway point.

I hope all is well with you!


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