Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Jolly Heap of Hedgehogs Card Tutorial

Here's a cute little tutorial on how to make hedgehog cards for Christmas.
You will need the following supplies:

Hedgehog shapes in cardstock
Cream coloured blank cards
Black ink pen
Red Sharpie marker
Green Sharpie marker
Start with some hedgehog shapes.  I used the textured cardstock hedgehog shape stickers from my shop.
 Arrange the shapes in an interesting stack on your card.
 Peel the backing on the stickers and stick them to the card.  Start drawing hedgehog eyes, nose, and quills on the stickers with the black ink marker.  I like to make the nose extend out of the shape a little.
 Fill in details on the other hedgehogs.
 Add little red hats with the red sharpie.  Draw the pom pom with black ink (outline only).  Add green leaves with the green Sharpie.  Draw the berries with black ink (outline only).
 Here's a different one with white fluff under the hat drawn as an outline with black ink.
 I added the words "a jolly heap of hedgehogs to you!"
 Another one  :)
 Here are some hedgehogs in blue...
 ... and some hedgehogs in red and green!  So fun!
 Now your cards are ready to be written in and sent to your loved ones!
If you don't want to make your own cards, you can also print out some cute hedgehog cards using these PDFs.
Enjoy!  and Happy Holidays!

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