Thursday, April 3, 2014

24 hour old goldfish fry

About 24 hours after being hatched from the egg, the goldfish fry are starting to be more active.  At first they just lay on the ground and occasionally darted around.  Now they are darting around more frequently.  Some of them cling to the glass.
You can still see the googly metallic eyes.  They look a bit like metallic seed beads.
From side view you can still see the egg yolk sac on the upper chest area.
 They are incredibly tiny.  You can see how small they are compared to a finger.
Here are some more photos:
On closer inspection, it looks like they have little freckles/dots on the back of their heads.
From top view, you can see how the veins/nerves/spine goes up the middle of the back and splits towards each eyeball.  It's pretty interesting.

Have a happy day!

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