Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Clay Animals, Acorns, and Pumpkins

Remember the little acorn, hedgehog, and mole ornaments I was painting a couple days ago?  They are almost done now!
I gave them a clear, non-yellowing outdoor gloss sealer and they look pretty awesome!
The pumpkins are still getting their final gloss coat.  
It's a bit tricky to paint them since I have to do one coat for the top, wait for it to dry, and then flip it over to give it a coat from the bottom.
My desktop looks like chaos, but it's kind of pretty too in a an artist-at-work kind of way.
In hindsight, I probably should have made all their metal loops reinforced with clay like this version.  The plain wire version is not very secure because the wire is too flexible and it can break through the clay.
The other option is to make them with no wire loop like the mole.  His glossy coat is spectacular.  I am quite fond of him.
I started painting some other ornaments too.  There is a monkey, a tiger, and a pig. 
There is also a sheep that looks a bit like Lambchops the puppet, and a brown bunny with a cute face.

I'll post more pictures when I finish giving them a glossy coat.

Have a great day!

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