Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sculpey Creations Completed

The sculpey creations that I have been working on are finally complete!  Here they are in all their glossy goodness:
Sapelli the rabbit
 A reddish orange pumpkin
 A green and brown acorn
 A whole gang of hedgehogs
 Roly, Pip, and Sally the hedgehogs
Dewbert the mole 
 Irko the monkey
 A yellowy orange pumpkin
A reddish brown acorn
 Petunia the pig
 Hermione the sheep
 A small orangy red pumpkin
 A tall squash pumpkin
Meero the tiger
Ta da!  All done!  Now you can find them in my shop.
Have a happy day!


Menagerie Soaps said...

They are so darn cute!! Love them and the colors are awesome! said...

Thanks, Menagerie Soaps! Your comment makes me smile :)

Oxana said...

They are lovely! said...

Thanks, Oxana :D