Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goldfish Eggs?

My brother changed the aquarium water and suddenly our tank was covered ALL OVER with small round balls.  My brother Googled what they were and came up with the answer that they were bacteria balls. 
 Over the next two days, he continued to find and vaccuum them up.
 Today I googled them myself.  It didn't seem right to me that bacteria balls would show up overnight and be exactly the same size.  They should be all different sizes like real bacteria.
 Guess what I found?  They might be goldfish eggs.  Apparently goldfish lay 100s to 1000s of eggs at one time.  Cloudy white ones are unfertilized and will decay/get eaten.  The clear yellowy ones will eventually form two small dots which are eyes.
I took my camera and zoomed in on a cluster of the round balls.  Do you see what I see?  Yep, two round balls.  A bit metallic in colour... just like goldfish eyeballs.
 Uh oh... how many goldfish babies got vaccuumed away?!?
 Fortunately, there are still A LOT.
 These are the two probable parents.
 The big one is probably a female.  Somewhy, giving possible birth seems to have lowered her immune system or something.
 She has "pop eye".  See the giant swollen eyeball?
 Now can you see it?
 Well, apparently they are possible parents now.
 You probably can't see it in this picture, but the round balls are attached all over the heater and the filter too.
 Little baby goldfish waiting to be born.

Have a happy week!

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