Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Pictures of Goldfish Eggs and Other Aquarium Friends

I managed to zoom in to see one of the eggs a little closer.  It definitely looks like a little baby fish with very big eyeballs and a curved body on side view.
You can see them clustered in a small nook by the filter.
 So small. 
 They are clustered under leaves.
 You can see the curved body shape in the top right egg in the above two photos.
Meanwhile, in my guppy tank, the population is also expanding.
Baby guppies!
I think there are may be just under 20 baby guppies right now.  At this point, most of the guppies are hybrids of endlers and the traditional guppy.
There are also some other friendly little critters - Amano shrimp!
I'm waiting for the two female Amano shrimp to have eggs.  I have been reading about how to hatch the Amano shrimp eggs and it is a very difficult process.  I still want to try it though.

Have a happy day!

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