Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lots of New Goldfish Fry Babies

Last night the goldfish babies started to hatch out of their eggs.  Today, the walls and floors of the new baby tank are covered with SUPER tiny baby fish.
They can be found in clusters in the corners of the tank.
 Can you see them?  Look for the reflective metallic eyeballs.
 They are so small that it makes my eyes go crossed trying to see them.
 They dart about once in a while. 
Some of them dart to the surface to get air.
 So many tiny fish eyeballs!
I have started a clear class jar with water from a well-planted tank.  I labeled it "Infusoria" and put some spirulina algae tablets in along with a few leaves from the well-planted tank.  I'm supposed to use a lettuce leaf, but I think the leaves from the tank probably have more tasty bacteria and other aquatic micro-organisms already eating away at them.
I put the glass jar in a brightly lit, but not sunny location.  The organisms should flourish in the jar and hopefully be ready to feed to the babies in 2-3 days when they start to look for food.
There are lots of leaves and roots and gravel from the original tank so there should be lots of food available for the babies for the first while.  In the first 2-3 days they won't be eating anyways.
The baby goldfish are so small that I can't even imagine them as goldfish yet.  They look nothing like fish.  They look more like insects.
 I can't wait until they become more fish-like. 
 Eggs that were not fertilized are turning white and fuzzy.  I should remove them so that the white fuzzy fungus doesn't flourish.
 I will keep you updated on the progress of these little guys and gals.  I am glad I started a baby tank.  I put eggs in the well-planted guppy tank, but I have a feeling the guppies ate them since I don't see a single one anywhere.  I can't see any babies in the original goldfish tank either.  The goldfish probably had some tasty snacks or the fry got sucked up by the filter.
Have a happy day!

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