Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Goldfish Eggs Are Starting to Hatch

I just checked on the new tank I started and I noticed that the water looked frothy at the top.  I am not sure why.  However, it looks like some baby goldfish are starting to hatch!
Here is one newly hatched baby goldfish.
 There are little straight goldfish fry that are still attached to the egg.  They wave in the current.
 Can you see them?  They have fat little egg yolk sacs around their body. Over the next day or two, these babies will not eat and they will not move around much.  They will just absorb the yolk sac.  Around the third day, they will start to swim around and they will need food. 
  Apparently I should use some water from a well planted tank, add a piece of lettuce and some algae wafers and place it in a brightly lit (not sunny) spot.  This will encourage the infusoria (algae, amoebas, euglena, paramecium, rotifers, stentor, and vorticella) to grow.  I am supposed to feed some of this water to the babies about 3 times per day.  I can also give them newly hatched brine shrimp, cooked egg yolk, and finely powdered fish food in small quantities.
 Some babies have detached from the egg and are on leaves or on the floor.
I am excited to see how many more will have hatched by tomorrow. I wonder why the eggs in the new tank are hatching first?

Have a happy day!

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