Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Operation "Save the Mini Sea Beasts"

I read on the Internet that goldfish will tend to eat all the eggs in the tank.  I also read that it only takes 4-7 days for goldfish eggs to hatch.  I'm already at day 3 or so.  I figured I would give the eggs on the plants a chance to at least hatch without being eaten so I started up my old Explorer fish tank.
I used a mesh to cover the water intake tube and stuffed some aquatic seaweed like plant there to reduce the likelihood that the babies will be sucked up into the filter.  I removed the filter stuffing too so that the water just gets sucked up, aerated, and then spit back out again without having anything caught.
 The forums say that you should actually keep the eggs in the tank that they hatched in and remove the goldfish, but I don't have a tank big enough to put the goldfish into. 
 Instead, I just used water, gravel, and plants directly from the original tank.
 I notice that there are eggs all over these plants, even in the root areas.  The goldfish tend to pull up and eat all the leaves off, so the plants are never properly planted anymore.
I hope they will hatch soon and that they will survive in this tank.
 When they are big enough, I can put them back into the big tank.  There is plenty of room, although these goldfish seem to get bigger and bigger all the time.
 Meanwhile in the big tank, the goldfish have noticed that something is missing.
 They are curious about what it is.
 Oh, exposed rock (with eggs on them).  These were previously protected by the plants I put into the new nursery aquarium.
Om nom nom!  (Very tragic indeed...) 
Nothing escapes the large chomping mouths of these sea beasts.

Have a happy week!

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